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The Latest Cordless Grease Gun Comparison You Should Read

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Posted on: 11/26/18


If you think that you can do better with your manually operated grease gun now that you need more lubrication work done, then you should upgrade to a cordless grease gun. There are now several cordless grease guns that you can choose from that you might be having troubles finding the right one for you. Each model is unique and comes with features that make using it more worth it. In this short article, you will read a cordless grease gun comparison of the latest models that are out in the current market. You will be learning more about three cordless grease guns that you might consider getting your hands on.


1.            Lincoln Lubrication Grease Gun

If you are a long-term grease gun user, then you know how popular Lincoln is when it comes to the grease guns that they are producing. They make sure to produce only quality grease guns from the manual ones to the cordless ones. This grease gun can deal with a wide array of lubrication tasks. Going for a Lincoln lubrication grease gun means that you will be getting quick lubrication results in no time. Their cordless grease guns are provided with rechargeable batteries making it easier for you to pump grease and not wait a long time for the task to be finished. Both professional oilers and cargo ship workers prefer to use this particular cordless grease gun. You can expect this grease gun to exceed your expectations when lubricating fittings that are very tight. You can also get into more detail from some cordless grease gun comparison websites.


If you want both convenience and speed in your lubrication tasks, then Lincoln cordless grease guns are the ones for you. When you buy one, you will get the grease gun, a portable case, a battery, and a charger. It comes with adjustable pressured settings, and charging the battery to full only takes an hour.


2.            GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Whether you are a new or a seasoned grease gun user, this particular cordless grease gun will work well for you. It has an enhanced plunger design making it easier for you to load and prime your grease gun. If you do not want to prime your grease guns, then this is your best cordless grease gun option. It comes with a 400-cc chamber that can hold a serious amount of grease where you need not do several refills with it anymore.


From the box, you get the grease gun, of course, as well as an extension pipe with an 18" hose and a coupler. This allows lubricating to be done in areas that are hard to reach. You also get better control with the amount of grease you expel.


3.            Alemite 500-E Grease Gun

For automotive, medium industrial, and marine lubrication tasks, this cordless grease gun is the one for you. It offers a solid body that is unlike those you see in most cordless grease guns. It comes with a three-way loading system that will let you choose how you want to load grease into your gun. You can also choose between the standard grease cartridge that can hold 14 oz of grease and the bulk grease cartridge that can hold 16 oz of grease.


This is a very versatile cordless grease gun. Furthermore, it is both durable and lightweight with its aluminum body. Its grip material is made of vinyl allowing you to get a better grip when you use it. Again, it is very easy to use that is why it is a perfect cordless grease gun option for both beginners and professionals.

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The Latest Cordless Grease Gun Comparison You Should Read
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