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6 Books About how does an attic fan work You Should Read

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Posted on: 12/30/18

Easily set up and totally free to function, solar attic admirers are a smart choice for homeowners who want to economize cooling their properties in summer season, prevent ice dams in winter, and prolong the lives of their roofs.

Operating Basic principle

A photo voltaic attic fan works by using photovoltaic panels to transform daylight into electrical electric power. The electricity generated is used to switch a supporter motor, exhausting air through the attic of a home.


In summer time, temperatures in an unventilated attic can exceed a hundred and sixty degrees File. A effectively sized photo voltaic attic air flow procedure will lower attic temperature to five-10 degrees File above the outdoor temperature. Ventilating the attic cuts down the quantity of warmth transferred from your attic to the home, decreases the load around the air con technique (minimizing your electrical bill), and extends the life of the roof.

In Wintertime, heat trapped while in the attic may melt snow about the roof, which trickles down and makes destructive ice dams during the colder eaves.

The attic becomes warmest if the Sunshine is the strongest. A solar attic fan runs the toughest if the Sunlight is strongest.

Daily home activities for instance cooking and showering create humidity which collects from the attic and encourages mold and mildew development, minimizes the performance of insulation, and attacks the wooden attic construction. Calendar year round fresh air circulation from the photo voltaic attic lover gets rid of this humidity and prevents humidity similar problems.

Zero working cost.

Set up can be achieved by a useful homeowner. No electrician is required.

Peaceful operation.

Things to take into consideration

The associated fee cost savings due to diminished air conditioner load will depend on the cost of energy in your neighborhood, the amount of attic Area in your home, the performance of one's attic insulation, and the level of ventilation your solar attic vent can supply. An average installation will often buy itself in price savings inside of one-2 summers of use.

A photo voltaic attic admirer really should not be made use of when air from the living areas of the house can freely enter the attic. This may cause conditioned air getting removed from the home. Any openings between the attic and the house really should be sealed ahead of a photo voltaic attic admirer is mounted.

Correctly sized attic vents are necessary to enable refreshing air to enter the attic and swap the recent air eradicated by the solar attic enthusiast.

Solar attic fans should be mounted from ridge vents and gable vents.


Solar attic fans can be obtained 3 configurations:

1. Self flashing roof photo voltaic attic fan: The fan base is flat and meant to slide below shingles and fix directly to the roof.

2. Curb mounted photo voltaic attic supporter: The enthusiast foundation is usually a cap meant to in good shape more than a curb that is connected for the roof.

3. Gable admirer: The admirer exhausts horizontally through the gable finish of your attic.

Also, photo voltaic attic enthusiasts are available with fan mounted or remote photo voltaic panels.

Set up Overview

one) Reduce hole in roof (South side is recommended), getting treatment not to chop through any roof framing customers.

2) Slide unit under shingles

3) Reshingle about lover as required.

Commonly Questioned Questions

1) What dimensions lover do I would like?

Respond to: A photo voltaic attic enthusiast ought to be sized to offer ten attic air quantity changes for every hour.

To figure out what flow amount this will work out to, figure out the quantity of your respective attic in cubic ft. Multiply your attic volume x 10 air variations per hour to get the full movement essential for every hour.

Considering the fact that fans are sized with regards to their cfm (cubic toes/moment) output, divide your complete circulation for every hour by 60 to receive cubic ft for every minute.

Needed move rate in cfm = (attic volume x ten) / 60

Now Check out the fan specs to find the fan or mix of admirers required to fulfill your air flow desires.

It is additionally important to be certain You can find more than enough air inlet location with your attic to allow contemporary air to enter and exchange the hot air being fatigued. A minimum of 1 sq. foot for every 360 cfm of exhaust is required. Ordinarily soffit vents are used as inlets.

2) How long will a photo voltaic attic lover very last?

Response: Photo voltaic attic followers are designed to present many years of difficulties totally free operation. The length of makers' warranties are a good indicator from the higher expectations these supporters were being designed to:

Attic Breeze Admirers - Life time parts warranty

Solar Star Admirers - 5 Calendar year pieces on photo voltaic panel and motor, ten years on all other sections.

Normal Light Lovers - 25 Yr areas warranty

SunRise Photo voltaic Supporters - five calendar year elements warranty on motor, a decade on all other

three) How is often a photo voltaic attic admirer managed?

ANSWER: A thermal switch is commonly utilised to regulate a solar attic lover. This switch only will allow the lover to run if the attic is hotter than eighty-ninety degrees F. Functioning the lover only whole house attic fan in the event the attic is warm extends the lifetime of the fan motor and leads to considerably less heat loss into the attic in winter, but will not allow the fan to scale back humidity Create-up while in the attic at all times and doesn't enable the admirer to forestall ice dams during the winter.

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