Petition: Help Reggie Fils-Aime lose weight!

Digg!With this article and the online petition we want to convince Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, that he has to lose some weight by playing healthy games on the Nintendo Wii! Every Wii-gamer can help to convince him by signing the petition.

Why do we need to convince him?

During the Nintendo E3 2007 Media and Business Summit press conference Shigeru Miyamoto and his translator Japanse/English Bill Trinen called the Regginator on stage to do a WiiFit demonstration. Reggie walked to the Wii Balance Board with a smile and said ‘My body is ready‘. When they had to select which type of clothing he was wearing, Reggie quickly replied ‘Heavly clothing, heavy clothing!’, but he wasn’t dressed that heavy. Anyway, Shigeru Miyamoto picked ‘Light clothing’ and then Reggie wanted to give away his wallet. He did anything he could to make himself look as light as possible.

He denies that he’s a bit overweight

Shigeru and Bill gave some more info on the game and then came the moment that the game calculated Reggie’s BMI (Body Mass Index). The graph went up and Reggie said ‘Oh no, no, no!’ but everyone in the public saw that his BMI was at 27,51 which is 5,21 higher than the normal BMI of an adult man! His excuse for his high BMI was that ‘muscle is heavier than fat’. Then Reggie and Shigeru Miyamoto did a head-to-head soccerheading competition in WiiFit. Reggie is an asskicker so off course he won the game from mister Miyamoto but let’s not forget that Fils-Aime has a way too high BMI!

(Picture taken by Joystiq)

Because we love Reggie for his work at Nintendo of America we want to convince him that he has to stay in shape so that he can give us more superb press conferences and cool games in the future. That’s why we’ve made an online petition that everyone can sign and where you can leave a supportive message for Reggie to convince him to work out with his Nintendo Wii. We’re sure he has a Nintendo Wii at home and at his office but apparantely he’s not using it! He has to make time for his health and by signing the petition we can stimulate him to exercise by playing WiiSports and WiiFit.

How can I help Reggie?

We’re sure that Reggie checks our site every now and then since the frontpage of WiiHealthy was shown during Nintendo’s E3 press conference! We need your help to convince Reggie to play more healthy Wii-games. When we have a whole bunch of signatures and supportive messages for Reggie we will send him an email with the petition.

It’s important to spread the word to other gamers by placing a banner or a link in your forumsignature or telling a friend about it. It doesn’t matter how, just make sure that we have as many signatures as possible! Every signature counts and helps Reggie getting fitter.

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25 Responses to “Petition: Help Reggie Fils-Aime lose weight!”

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  4. John Says:

    He’s not fat! BMI is stupid and doesn’t take into account sexy muscly people. Whatever happen to body fat % ?? BMI means nothing.

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  7. Pana Calin Says:

    Go Go Reggie! There are two possibilities: Reggie is too fat or the machine is too unstable!

  8. Vincent Says:

    His weight is 105kg, thats much but not abnormal.

    Everything between 20 and 25 is considered normal. Between 25 and 30 you are heavy. 35 and up is a real problem.
    But considering his age this is a good score. For young people it’s easy to to have a 20BMI, once you’re 45 and more it becomes very difficult.

    BMI does indeed not account for very muscular people but thats for people that do competitions or spend 3 hours a day in the gym. But normally those kind of people don’t become president of a firm.

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  10. Diego Says:

    Be cool. do it!

    it will be a nice way to show you care about the fans.

    maybe you can say liek i plan to loose 20 pounds or somthing by like next e3 and then you can go on stage and make some huge story about it.

    be cool it

  11. Chad Says:

    BMI is a outdated crap system made by some man, AND It was invented between 1830 and 1850… GET A NEW SYSTEM IT IS 2007

  12. Vincent Says:


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  14. rob Says:

    actually, bmi is notoriously inaccurate with anyone who lifts weights or adds muscle. give the guy a break. its bmi that stinks, not his health.

  15. James Says:


    Support your company!

  16. Mike Says:

    The petition shows how many people have signed, but it doesn’t display the signatures.

  17. admin Says:

    @Mike: :)
    Just click the numbers on the bottom of the page.

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  19. dieprettyponeis Says:

    it’s a very large possibility that it’s not Reggie’s fault. If you notice, Shiggy (miyamoto) selects “light clothing”. that might not throw it off too much, but it’s also possible the balance board might have been off. those two elements could bring the BMI up a bit.

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  21. Courtney Ewing Says:


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  24. asyclacesom Says:

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  25. AAA Says:

    My body is ready.

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