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    Wii Sports vs. Real Sports: Burned calories calculated

    August 4th, 2008 by admin

    Wii Sports, Nintendo, Wii, Wii Fitness, calories burn, weightEver wondered how many calories you’re burning while playing some Wii Sports on your Nintendo Wii? The American Council on Exercise is a little late with their ‘Wii Sports fitness study’, but they did some great research. Here’s an overview of the calories burned per minute when playing the real sport compared to the numer of calories burned when playing Wii Sports:

    The real sport: 8.1 calories per minute
    Wii Sports: 5.3 calories per minute

    The real sport: 10.2 calories per minute
    Wii Sports: 7.2 calories per minute

    The real sport: 3.9 calories per minute
    Wii Sports: 3.1 calories per minute

    The real sport: 7.2 calories per minute
    Wii Sports: 3.5 calories per minute

    The real sport: 7.3 calories per minute
    Wii Sports: 4.5 calories per minute

    Off course everyone expected that real sports make you burn more calories than the Wii Sports games, but during their research they certainly didn’t play too active. The just flicked their wrists and didn’t throw their whole body into the game.

    Source: Ace Fitness

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Dutch TV station taking a look at Wii and Wii Fit

March 24th, 2008 by admin

Dutch TV station RTL took some time to visit their local Nintendo office to have an interview with some [tag]Nintendo[/tag] reps to inform their viewers about the [tag]Wii[/tag], [tag]Wii Sports[/tag] and off course the new [tag]Wii Fit[/tag] with the [tag]Wii Balance Board[/tag]. It’s nice to see that the Wii is getting some nice publicity all over the world, and maybe you won’t understand a word of it but watch those casual gamers smile while they’re playing!

You can watch it on the RTL website.

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Ridiculous Health Care Organization ad blames videogames for childhood obesity

November 30th, 2007 by admin

The HSC Foundation launched a Childhood Obesity Awareness Campaign that blames videogames for the lack of exercise and bad diets with kids all over the world. They’re using posters titled ‘Killer Sofa‘ with a fat kid sitting in a comfy sofa with crisps, soda and an Xbox 360 controller.

The guys who worked on this campaign didn’t do their homework and didn’t even do research on healthy [tag]Wii[/tag] games such as Wii Sports and the upcoming [tag]Wii Fit[/tag]. The times that gaming is an unhealthy hobby are gone, since the Wii is available gaming has become a healthy, social and fun way of losing weight and exercising.

Instead of blaming videogames for childhood obesity they should be promoting healthy videogames like [tag]Wii Sports[/tag] and Wii Fit with the [tag]Wii Balance Board[/tag]. They just want to shock us all with a fat kid lying in a coach representing the stereotype of the gamingfan.

Source: HSC Foundation

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Bart Scott using Nintendo Wii to help paraplegic kids

October 17th, 2007 by admin

Wii Sports, Wii Fit, WiiFitness, Nintendo, Work out, Lose WeightYahoo! Sports interviewed Bart Scott in which he talks about using the Wii to help paraplegic kids. Sometimes he uses the [tag]Nintendo[/tag] [tag]Wii[/tag] because it’s easy for these children to use since some of them don’t have full fonction of their hands and they kicked his butt in the Wii Sports games! The were beating him up in boxing and there was a girl in a wheelchair who kicked his ass in Wii Bowling.

Source: Yahoo! Sports interview

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Game experts say WiiFit is not rubbish

August 24th, 2007 by admin

We’ve had a lot of WiiFit feet-on impressions and previews during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), and now that the Leipzig Games Convention is taking place in Europe lots of European videogamesites got on the Wii Balance Board for the first time. The game experts at EuroGamer took the challenge and got on Nintendo’s Wii Balance Board for the first time.

WiiFit, WiiFat, Wii Fitness, Wii Fit, Lose Weight, Wii Balance Board, Nintendo, WiiHealthy

They say that [tag]Wii Sports[/tag] was a huge hit thanks to the important social aspect of the game, while the [tag]Brain Training[/tag] games for the Nintendo DS are incredibly popular thanks to the fact that learning is fun now. They have experienced that [tag]Wii Fit[/tag] combines the best of those two games which will make WiiFit succeed in its goal. WiiFit isn’t rubbish, it really allows you to lose weight along with friends and family. Whether you’re a gamer or not, WiiFit will make you lose weight while you’re having the time of your life. The cool interactive games will keep you on the board until you’ve lost the amount of weight you want.

Read the first WiiFit impressions written by EuroGamer.

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More Wii Fit feet-on impressions from E3 2007

July 16th, 2007 by admin

Wii Fit, WiiFitness, Lose Weight, Step Aerobics, Wii Balance Board, E3, Training
Nintendo’s Wii Balance Board. Using the pressure sensitive board they played the funkiest minigames and did the healthiest Step Aerobic exercises in the E3 2007 WiiFit techdemo. Kotaku shot some pictures of the Wii Balance Board and if you ask us, the thing looks strong enough to carry a whole lot of weight. It’s bigger than you’d think and it looks really steady. Looks like we’ll have to put 4 AA batteries in the Wii Balance Board since the board is completely wireless. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 14th, 2007 by admin

Nintendo showed a lot of articles, videos and other fragments of all the media attention the Wii has been getting over the past few months during its E3 2007 press conference. Right before they announced their ambitious new Wii Fit project they showed a nice shot of the frontpage.

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More Wii Balance Board games in the future

July 14th, 2007 by admin

Nintendo, WiiFit, WiiFat, WiiHealthy, Wii Health Pack, Shigeru Miyamoto, Wii Balance Board

WiiFit was Nintendo’s biggest title at this year’s E3 and the coolest accessory they showed off is the pressure-sensitive floor pad with sensors in it called the Wii Balance Board. This peripheral won’t be used for WiiFit alone, but there are many other applications for the Wii Balance Board.

Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of WiiFit and WiiSports, said at E3 that there will be many other applications for the peripheral in the future. Third party developers asked him if they could use the Wii Balance Board for their games in the future and he said that they are free to use the controller for creating their own ideas. Games like Tony Hawk, SSX, 1080°, Super Monkey Ball and many other titles could use the Wii Balance Board controller to make the games more active and healthier.

Medical experts showed their interest in the peripheral as well. WiiSports is being used by several hospitals as well, but since WiiFit is specifically made for losing weight and working out there are tons of new opportunities for doctors to help their patients get fit.

Discuss WiiFit on our WiiFit forums!

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Wii Sports Weight Loss Program

May 23rd, 2007 by admin

Nintendo, Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Wii Fitness, Wii Health Pack, Lose Weight

This is a guide that we have build for people to use to lose weight by playing Wii Sports for the Nintendo Wii. We have composed this schedule and tested it multiple times on people with different lifestyles, different weight categories, different ages and different sexes. Numbers based in this guide are an average of the results we got from those people. Some people will be losing weight easier than others, keep this in mind while working out this program. A lot depends from the way you will be playing games. This is a 10 week program; each day you should be playing about 30-45 minutes active Wii Sports. If you have anyway questions about this guide, suggestions or problems, just mail us or leave a comment.

Before you start with the program, make sure you weigh yourself to compare with the end result. Some people do it more fanatically and also measure their Body Mass Index, calories burned per session/game, body fat percentage, heart rate (at rest) and took note of additional notes or soreness. When it’s the first time you’ll start up the game you won’t have any Wii Fitness Age, but when you’ve already played the game and decided to start with the program, note done your Wii Fitness Age as well.

Nintendo, Wii, Fitness, Work out, Lose Weight, Wii Sports, Program review

1. Getting started

To get started with this program you’ll need a few things. Here’s a list of what exactly you need to work out:
- A Nintendo Wii console, which comes with a free copy of Wii Sports ($249,99)
- A TV, beamer, monitor with VGA box. A screen that allows you to play Wii-games on (Available in all price categories)
- A room as big as possible
- This (almost) perfect guide to lose weight

Off course there are many other things and extra’s that come in handy for training with the Wii. Friends and family members to play with are a big plus, but not necessary. Just make sure that you are installed and that you feel comfortable when playing. For playing on the Wii it’s not necessary to wear a sportoutfit. Make sure you wear clothes you feel comfortable in, preferably a sportingoutfit. Just don’t wear shoes with high heals and twenty sweaters.

See what time is the best for you to train. Maybe you won’t be in the mood to play when you just came home from work or school. Don’t play when you’re tired in order to get the best results out of this program. Try to put a fixed time on your sessions so that your bodyclock won’t be whole messed up. Just make sure that you’re comfortable and that you’re ready to have some fun. Remember that this program is about having fun and losing weight at the same time.

2. Get familiar with the Nintendo Wii

If you have never set up a videogame system, check the manuals that came with the console or check forums to ask help to other gamers but normaly even a non-gamer should be able to install it. The second part is to get used to using the WiiRemote and Nunchuk. There aren’t any booklets to help you with that since everything figures itself out. Make sure you stand in front of your television and that the sensor bar and everything else is set up right. Once you know how to use the controllers, startup the Wii Sports disc and let the fun begin!

Choose a Mii character to get started with and we strongly recommend you to keep using the same Mii to check your progress. This little puppet will be carrying all your scores, your fitness statistics and so on. Pick whatever sport that interests you the most to kick off with. Every sportsegment of the game starts with a very good tutorial that makes you go through all the steps of that sport. Take your time for it, read the tips and you’ll already be a top Wii sporter before you have even started. We recommend that you first try all the sports out before starting the workout schedule. Pick out a favorite that you will do most of the time in this segment.

3. Let’s lose weight!

Everything will depend on how strict you follow the schedule, how active you play and what sport you prefer to play. If you play slow, watch replies and stuff like that you won’t be losing the amount of calories stated below. You can off course choose for a combination of sports, this is just an example of what the results are when you play it when you follow these instructions.

Under this paragraph you see a table with the five different sports, the time you should play per day for ten weeks long and the numbers of calories you should be burning if you play active. Don’t worry if the results are not as displayed in this table. Remember that some people will lose weight easier than others so keep going because anyone can lose weight with our program. After a few days you will be able to play a lot better and the number of calories you’ll burn will go up.

Nintendo, Wii, Fitness, Work out, Lose Weight, Wii Sports, Program review

Sport Playtime Calories burned
Boxing 15 minutes 121

Boxing is the most active game on the Wii Sports disc. We strongly advise very heavy people not to go too wild in this one since your heart rate will go up a lot. This could be a problem for people who have been advised not to do big efforts. The fact is that this is the perfect game to lose weight. In a couple of minutes you can burn easily 121 calories in 15 minutes time. So this is a rather fast method and you can even speed it up by using a Mii version of a person that you don’t like as an opponent! Keep moving, move from the front to the back, from left to right. Try punching your enemy from different angles, different types of punches and you’ll be sweating that body fat away. Make sure to keep the wrist strap tight!

Nintendo, Wii, Fitness, Work out, Lose Weight, Wii Sports, Program review

Sport Playtime Calories burned
Tennis 25 minutes 110

Weight Loss Partners Offer

Tennis is the second best game to lose body weight. In this game it’s not necessary to move your body from left to right and back to front and that makes it less tiring. Try to play long games and play close to the net so that you’ll have to hit the ball faster. There are some nice tricks to make this the ultimate Wii Sports weight loss game. When setting up the game, just choose to control one of the two opponents as your player as well. You’ll have three Mii’s this way and you can even make the fourth one your tennisplayer as well. This is only recommended for people that are real tennis masters, but just keep in mind that this is all possible. Also, try to hit smashes since this will speed the game up as well.

Nintendo, Wii, Fitness, Work out, Lose Weight, Wii Sports, Program review

Sport Playtime Calories burned
Bowling 30 minutes 104

Bowling comes on number three since this game doesn’t require that you move with your whole body. When playing this activly you can however lose weight by just swinging your arms and doing some cool moves while throwing your bowling ball. Don’t just move your polses around but swing the ball away with an arm movement. Go for strikes and spares and swing your ball with power, but don’t waste your time on aiming your ball in the right direction. Try clicking the reviews away fast and compete other people in this game since bowling is a perfect game to play with your family.

Nintendo, Wii, Fitness, Work out, Lose Weight, Wii Sports, Program review

Sport Playtime Calories burned
Baseball 35 minutes 102

Baseball comes in fourth since this game is also a lot about watching your Mii run around the field and there aren’t many opportunities to use your whole body in this game. In our testing we haven’t had many people who played this game to lose weight and it won’t make you a real Wii Sports addict. You can play it every now and then to get some variation, but it won’t train your muscles or burn much calories.

Nintendo, Wii, Fitness, Work out, Lose Weight, Wii Sports, Program review

Sport Playtime Calories burned
Golf 45 minutes 99

Golf is a nice and relaxing sport but we recommend you not to put this discipline in your program since you’ll have to spend to much time on losing a small amount of calories. You can fitch it in for some variation, but don’t do the whole weight loss project with only this sport. You have to focus too much on getting your ball to the end of the course and there just isn’t any way to play this game really active. A swing with your golfclub will make you lose some calories, more than that you won’t get out of it. Still a nice sport though, just not something to make you sweat.

5. Some general tips

- One of the things you absolutely have to avoid is frustration. If you’re getting a little frustrated, switch over to Wii Boxing to lose some steam and if that doesn’t work, put the controllers away and just do something else. Taking a walk to catch some fresh air is the best way to lose the heat or just play another fun Wii-game that doesn’t require much physical input.
- When you start to get bored off Wii Sports during this program, DON’T give up! There are many ways to make Wii Sports more fun and challenging. Try some new Mii’s out, check out some other sports, change some of the game settings to make it more fun and exciting, compete a roommate, family member or friend or try some of the neat Wii Sports accessories to make it more realistic and more fun. Convince non-gamers to give it a shot and have a good laugh at them when they suck at the game!
- Try to teach your pet how to play Wii Sports. We’ve seen in several movies that dogs, cats and other nice animals can even play Wii Sports, the game is that simple to learn! Don’t get pissed when your dog gets better in it than you…
- Play as active as possible. Try to move with your whole body and not just your arms, do the mimics . Wii Sports is a game that’s made for standing in front of your TV so don’t be lazy and sit like a bag of potatoes in your sofa.
- Don’t be too fanatic in this program. Playing longer than suggested in this guide won’t kill you, but remember that Wii Sports uses a lot of muscles in your body. Always put on your wrist strap since we all know what can happen if the WiiRemote slips out of your hands! Stretching before you start training
with Wii Sports is a good way to warm your muscles up.

6. Wii Fitness

Nintendo, Wii, Fitness, Work out, Lose Weight, Wii Sports, Program review

The Wii Fitness feature in Wii Sports is a great way to measure your progress in this trainschedule. Every sport itself gets three sort of minigames so in total that makes 15. In tennis for example your opponent will constantly be hitting balls and you’ll have to hit back as many as possible in order to get a younger Fitness Age, in bowling you get more cones to knock on the ground, in boxing you have to punch more etc. More new challenges and some nice statistics to see how you are evolving.

7. After the Wii Sports Weight Loss program

Review your weight loss program, check how many weight you’ve loss, what your heart rate is when resting, check your Wii Fitness Age, check your pro scores and try to compare your results with the reports of other Wii weightloss friends. If it didn’t work out like you had hoped, don’t give up and learn from your mistakes. Perhaps give us some feedback about this guide or ask us to give you some advise for a second attempt. You can send us pictures from before or after and we’ll add them to our website with your story about the Wii Weight Loss project. Share your experiences with other Wii owners so that everyone in the world knows that Wii sports is a fun way to lose a few pounds. Since you should be playing 30-45 minutes per day, these new challenges will be more than welcome!

8. First reviews from our readers


Nintendo, Wii, Lose Weight, Fitness, Work out, Review,

Before (01/01/2007)
Weight: 248
Waist: 46″
Body fat: 32%

After (05/05/2007)
Weight: 218
Waist: 43″
Body fat: 22%

Above are the statistics of my bodyweight, waist dimensions and the percentage of my body fat all before and after. I started soon after my son bought his Nintendo Wii and got hooked on and decided to start the New Year with a Wii Sports training. It didn’t went well in the beginning but after two weeks I started to get the hang of the games and knew how to use my entire body in these games. My favorites were Wii Boxing and Wii Tennis and I kept challenging myself in the Wii Fitness Age program. I really recommend that plan since it gives you nice statiscs of your evolutions. I’m going to keep training with Wii Sports and I advise this program to anyone!

Pictures removed due to complaints about the girl being to skinny after the Wii program.

Hey guys I just want you to know that I really love the Wii Sports game and its fun factor. I really like jogging and all but I wanted something new and this Wii was something fresh that I wanted to try out. I’m 24 now and wanted to go from 100 lbs to 92 lbs and I did it in only four six weeks! I have been playing a lot in that period and invited some friends over to have a chat and play some on the Wii. I really loved tennis, a sport that I have practised when I was still a kid. My score is 1085 now and I’m still trying to do better. I was able to lose weight with Wii Sports on a fun way and all of my efforts were rewarded. I’m glad this guide got composed and I would suggest that everyone loses weight with this new program.

9. Closing comments

If you have any questions, suggestions, tips or experiences to share, drop a comment on this article or send us an email. Soon we will have a forum where we users will be able to share experiences and reviews with each other. I want to thank all people who helped build this guide and Nintendo for making the coolest videogame system ever!

Nintendo is currently working on another amazing game that will allow you to lose weight while having tons of fun with Wii Fit and the Wii Balance Board. Check the site for updates on upcoming exergames.

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Wii, Wii Fit, WiiFit, Wii Fitness, Wii Sports, Nintendo, Lose Weight, Exercise, Workout

Wii, Wii Fit, WiiFit, Wii Fitness, Wii Sports, Nintendo, Lose Weight, Exercise, Workout

Wii, Wii Fit, WiiFit, Wii Fitness, Wii Sports, Nintendo, Lose Weight, Exercise, Workout

Wii, Wii Fit, WiiFit, Wii Fitness, Wii Sports, Nintendo, Lose Weight, Exercise, Workout

Wii, Wii Fit, WiiFit, Wii Fitness, Wii Sports, Nintendo, Lose Weight, Exercise, Workout

Wii, Wii Fit, WiiFit, Wii Fitness, Wii Sports, Nintendo, Lose Weight, Exercise, Workout

Wii, Wii Fit, WiiFit, Wii Fitness, Wii Sports, Nintendo, Lose Weight, Exercise, Workout

Wii, Wii Fit, WiiFit, Wii Fitness, Wii Sports, Nintendo, Lose Weight, Exercise, Workout