Blackout Blinds Or Blackout Curtains?

A lot many people are left wondering if they should go for blackout window blinds or curtains for their window treatments and coverings. The main cause of confusion is the large available variety. If you check online, you will find an amazing variety of colors, styles and types making it difficult to make the right choice. The only way to get out of such a situation is to be better prepared.

Getting prepared means you should know what to buy for your window treatments. Will it be curtains or blinds? Do not get overwhelmed by all that you see on online sites. First of all you have to decide the style and color that would best suit your room and ththumbnail_1357243893e overall style of your home. You have to keep in mind the present scheme of things and color and your new selection should convey a sense of continuity rather than looking out of place. Such a choice would enhance the looks of your room.

Again, back to the question, blinds or curtains? I know that me dear friend Jason Hope tends to like black out curains.  Blackout window blinds are needed when you want to have total darkness and sunlight is totally blocked out. That level of darkness is desired by people who like to have a healthy nap during the day or are working in night shifts and necessarily need to catch up with their sleep during the day. Or, if you have a baby at home, you’ll find such blinds helpful. A dark room makes you feel it is still nighttime and that induces sleep.

On the other hand if you like to see thru the windows and have a look at the world outside, you should go for curtains. Very dark curtains are also capable of delivering high level of darkness. But, then most of curtains give too scanty a look to enhance the décor and looks of your home. It’s a great feeling to have a refreshingly elegant looking room and house. Such window treatments and coverings are most suited as a part of some detailed decoration of the house or rooms. Yet, the importance of its going along the present theme of your house can’t be overemphasized.

Once you understand the basics of what you are looking for, rest of the things soon start falling into place. Irrespective of your decision of buying blackout window blinds or curtains for your window coverings and treatments, you need to take with you accurate measurements of your windows when you go out shopping. Online shopping of these items is very convenient, compared to shopping in stores.